About Me! hi~ my name is bibi or pix for friends, i’m 22 years old, my pronouns are they fai he it + any other neoprns idm!! i’m a non-binary lesbian ♡ i’m neurodivergent & mentally ill, white, infp & capricorn ^_^

Notes! don’t use any fem terms on me (gf ok if close). no she/her prns!! masc & neutral gendered terms r okay. no pet names unless we’re close. u can call me pix or kam if we’re close.

Before u Follow main/priv (req is okay!) i mostly tweet about bts & txt (esp jk), i’m mentally ill & neurodivergent, i don’t always catch sarcasm & jokes (don’t be passive aggressive towards me even as a joke), bad at dms, mostly on priv, softblock to unfollow.

Do Not Follow If u are lgbtq+ phobic, racist, under 17 (unless i ff), cishet, anti/solo stan my favs, put kpop over ur morals, invalidate neoprns + non binary people & any prns lesbians, don’t have ur age on ur profile or carrd.

Ults Of Ults bts jeon jungkook & kim seokjin. txt choi yeonjun & choi soobin.

Regulars twice sana & chaeyoung, itzy, loona chuu, brave girls, iu, heize, suran, taemin, sunmi, megan + more…

Likes making crds, coding, cat gifs, jungkook, animals compilations videos, editing, arts, photography, raining bg sounds

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